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Nassermann, is a thinker, artist and activist. His ideology in creating his art is to confront the society with their problems. „The dream to be part of a beautiful and lovely world is my objective“ said NASSERMANN. He requires to be open and free in his technique of creating art without limitations and borders.

Making Video and sounds is the special way to produce art works but also, he invent a new way to make Photography, it calls „Digital compositions“ sounds like a symphony and it looks like a symphony.

Since his scholarship in Karlsruhe at the ZKM with Professor Dr. Peter Sloterdijk, he learned that self reflection is the first step to a better world. With this frame of mind he forms his ideas and projects them into his art.

Now he is ready to make art work for the history of the humanity. He wants to create art with feelings that come from the heart of the artist.

Nassermann: ResonanceRoom7-5.
Nassermann: ResonanceRoom7-13.
Nassermann: ResonanceRoom7-1.